How does it work

Keriscooters Customer Service

You can speak to our customer service every day, from 8.30 to 22.30, by calling: +39.391.1272802. The costs of the call are linked to the operator used.

How to create a KERI account

Download the KERI APP via iOS or Android and use the phone or e-mail to complete the registration.
In a few moments you will receive the registration confirmation code. Remember that in order to use KERI you will need to enter personal data including data for payment of the service.

How to book a vehicle

Open the APP and search for a vehicle pin and tap “Book”. If you don’t see the button, close the app and update it. If after the update you still do not see the “Book” button, the booking feature may not be available in your area. The cost of the reservation is free.

How to unlock a vehicle

Locate an available KERI vehicle; you can scan the QR code or enter its number manually to unlock it.
If you have trouble scanning the QR code, turn on the flashlight while scanning.

Start the race

Once the scooter is unlocked, push with one foot against the ground while keeping the other firmly on the board. Once you have gained speed, press the accelerator next to your right thumb while pressing the brake to slow down. You are there? have a good time!

Park and lock a vehicle

You can lock your scooter and park it by tapping “Lock” in the APP. The APP will also ask you to take a picture of the vehicle to be sure that you have parked well. For more information on the areas check the map. Park only where it is allowed and always leave pedestrian passages free, for disabled people, driveways, entrance doors, etc.

Payment for the service

Once you have downloaded the APP and entered your personal and payment data correctly, you will have two options: PAY PER RIDE and DEPOSIT. The deposit is highly recommended because it is really convenient. For this you can use your debit or credit card. Alternatively, you can add money to your wallet balance, which you can draw from after each run.

Payment receipts

At the end of the run, a receipt is automatically sent to the email address associated with your KERI account. If the receipts are not delivered to you make sure you have specified a correct email address and check your spam or junk mail folder.

What are the Race Areas?

The racing areas are displayed on the map in the KERI app as shaded areas and outlined in red. There may be speed limits in these areas or you may not be allowed to finish a ride. Tap on the areas shown on the map to check what kind of area it is and what rules are in force:
Areas with no blocking: in these areas it is not allowed to end a run or pause it and the blocking is deactivated.
Speed ​​Limit Areas: Speed ​​is limited in these areas. To view the maximum speed allowed, touch the area.
Areas prohibited for scooters: in these areas it is not allowed to run. The vehicle will stop safely and the lock will be deactivated. To resume racing, you need to get off the scooter and take it out of the area by pushing it.
No-Parking Areas: Scooters are not allowed to park in these areas. To avoid the possibility of receiving a fine, make sure that your vehicle is not in an area with no parking.

In case of an accident

If you are involved in an accident while using KERI: make sure that you and everyone involved are safe.
Call the local authorities in charge of rescue services if necessary.
As soon as everyone involved is safe, call +393911272802 to speak to a KERI representative.

Pause running

Do you want to keep the Scooter, but are you entering a shop or a museum? You can do this by pausing the scooter. The charge per minute will be significantly reduced and there is no risk that others will take the scooter.

What do I do if my scooter is stolen?

You are only responsible for the vehicle if you did not lock it after completing the ride and, as a result, it was stolen. You are responsible for the vehicle from the moment you unlock it until you lock it. When you realize that the scooter has been stolen, call for assistance at +393911272802.

Always remember to:

Respect the highway code;
Never use KERI if you are in a state of intoxication or drugs;
Never carry things, animals or other people;
You are always responsible for your actions;
Put on the helmet;
Wear the reflective vest in case of night driving;
Do not compete in competitions and dangerous driving especially in pavements or pedestrian areas.

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